New Greeting Card: XmasZilla! By Jacob Elijah

Brand New Greeting Card XmasZilla By Jacob Elijah from! A building stomping, people squashing, giant monster battling epic holiday greeting card! Xmaszilla is sure to bring joy to any child's dark and twisted heart. Available as a Single, 5 Card set, or in the full 11 Card Collection on

Xmaszilla  By Jacob Elijah (Full Greeting Card Art)

Xmaszilla  By Jacob Elijah (Front: Greeting Card)

Xmaszilla  By Jacob Elijah (Back: Greeting Card)

Xmaszilla  By Jacob Elijah (Silver-Matte-Metallic Envelope)

11 Oddly Greeted Collection (Holiday Greeting Cards)

About Oddly Greeted™: Unique and twisted greeting cards. 
Oddly Greeted cards are dark humor in the most fun way possible. Twisting the common concepts of the holidays around in an entertaining way. The series contains 11 vivid cards available only on Created and Illustrated by Jacob Elijah.

About Puppy Grenade
Puppy Grenade is a creative brand that generates unique products and conceptual projects with a focus on deconstructing the conventions of society in the most ridiculous ways possible. Basically, society has had it's fun now it's time to make fun of it. Conceived and created by Jacob Elijah aka Oh! Oozi. Stuff we make includes T-Shirts, Artworks, Prints and some weird oddities.

About Oh! Oozi
Jacob Elijah aka Oh! Oozi Is an artist driven by creating unique art projects with a focus on twisting the common conventions of cartoons, childhood memories and pop culture in fun and ridiculously dark ways. He specializes in illustration and making things weird. His work can be found in books, album art, movies and even fantastical birthday cakes. You can find his Prints, Original art and books on


Jacob Elijah