IRL MOB: An art piece (and words) on the state of the internet .

The MOB IRL By Oh! Oozi

The Mob

By Oh! Oozi

The Mob now has a voice.
The Mob now has power.
Real Power.
Power that can cause actual change, but that strength sways with the wind. Information dusts the minds of people like an allergen. It's not a full blown disease, just a passing reaction. An instantaneous feeling. Moments when something is felt but not understood, yet is still reacted too.
Headlines, short, concise and grating. They peel away the skin, causing involuntary statements. Statements that are truly believed. Brutally honest. Horribly uninformed. Like an uncontrollable itch, comments spread over our digital connection, evolving and warping a newly formed high minded hive-mind. An unseen, unknown, mentality. The group moves through the digital ocean like a blind school of fish. Each fish thinking it's on its own path. Individual, unique, never seeing it's larger form. An intimidating, destructive form that leaves the vile, the corrupt, the mistaken and the ignorant mere bones of their former selves.
Sometimes it's justice, True Destruction.
Other times it's a mistaken context, False Enlightenment.
Mostly it's just the collective voice, a numerous ever expanding vocalization of our existence; Justified, destructive, and self-indulgently virtuous.