We all possess a Distinct Habit that dwells inside of us, making up the core existence of who we are that defines our very essence that we rarely talk about.

Distinct Habits is a Lifestyle movement driven brand, our purpose is to inspire individuals to embrace original behavior as an opportunity to encourage the importance of Expressing individuality.

Through our brand, fashionable designs and website consumers will have the ability to express themselves without shame in an environment that fosters positivity. Consumers will be able to do so through photos, personal stories, and videos as well as communicate with others that foster similar characteristics.

Distinct Habits is as so very driven and motivated in helping the community in the coming year we will be partnering up with different organizations to help the less fortunate as well as provide self help seminars for those who are inspired.


Distinct Habits was established May of 2013, in Chicago, Illinois. Our Limited Liability Company consists of three founders: Darrian Hughes, Creator and President; Kendall Mallory, Director of Promotions; and Jacob Elijah, Creative Arts and Visual Director.

These 3 individuals share the same passions to change lives and inspire people to walk in their destiny. Distinct Habits looks forward to bringing consumers something fresh new and exciting in this coming year.



Darrian Hughes native of Chicago born and raised. “ From a young age I always had an entrepreneur spirit wanting to supply on the demand of people”. Distinct Habits originally started out as a t-shirt venture. Wanting to bring young people images of what it was like to be a free kid, what I mean by this being free, to have the ability to play in an environment without worrying about the dangers our kids are face with today. But over the past 3 years Distinct Habits has become much more, I always dreamed of giving the consumer much more than just product, I want to bring them the ability to be inspired and the ability to talk to people that has the same inspiration to live out the dreams and desires of one’s heart.

KENDALL MALLORY Director of Promotions

Chicago native, Englewood raised with a DISTINCT AMBITIOUS state of mind! Kendall is a true advocate of FAMILY, its principles, values and foundation. He abundantly fulfills his role as the "playmaker" for Distinct Habits family. His valuable resources range from community leaders, church organizations, fraternal organizations, hospitality industry, entertainment personalities and companies, as well as several influential supporters of the DISTINCT HABITS movement!

JACOB ELIJAH Creative Director

A creative individual with an extensive background in art and graphic design, Jacob brings reliable real world experience to the Distinct Habits Family. His books and art have been published around the world. His company, Puppy Grenade, creates unique pop culture based art projects, including greeting cards, art books, Posters and other unique oddities.