A Comic Book series By Jacob Elijah & Steve Albertson

Chi-Nova was the first city to be rebuilt after a worldwide eco-attack.  A massive dome was erected over the city to protect the citizens from the violent weather and marauding gangs.  The city’s police systems failed, so a new, highly unstable, bounty system was implemented.  This allowed warlords to thrive in the forgotten blocks, and the rich and politically connected to dominate over the rest of the city. 

Keico loc, a young bounty hunter for Chi-Nova's top espionage agency, is forced into the struggle of her life. Biological toxins, cyberpunk thugs and warlords battle for dominance in this 5 issue hyper-violent spy epic published by Image comics.

Created By Jacob Elijah & Steve Albertson
Written By Steve Albertson
Illustrated By Jacob Elijah

ABOUT Jacob Elijah

Jacob Elijah

Jacob Elijah aka Oh! Oozi Is an artist driven by creating unique art projects with a focus on twisting the common conventions of cartoons, childhood memories and pop culture in fun and ridiculously dark ways. He specializes in illustration and making things weird. His work can be found in books, album art, movies and even fantastical birthday cakes.

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