An Art Series By Oh! Oozi

Grlz is an Art Series revolving around the exploration of form and function using the female body. Beauty, fashion, and unconventional concepts are explored in the project by artist Oh! Oozi. Everything from runway fashion, mutations, and beach bunnies are visually depicted in ways not usually seen, or ever. Along with stories, lyrics, and poetry each entry in the series explores a different aspect of our ever changing world.

The project contains books, original art and T-Shirts featuring imagery from the series. The first release is Grlz: ASketchy Indiscretion a 40 page full color art book featuring raw sketches and concepts available now on


Grlz: A Sketchy Indiscretion (art book)

Created & Illustrated By Jacob Elijah aka Oh! Oozi
Published by Puppy Grenade

Unorthodox. Creative. Free-form. Really, just weird AF drawings of girls. Breaking away from content driven storytelling and high concept art projects, Grlz: ASketchy Indiscretion, is a collection of nonsensical sketches from the mind of Oh! Oozi.

  • 36 pages

  • Full color

  • 8.5" x11", Perfect Bound Book

ABOUT Jacob Elijah

Jacob Elijah

Jacob Elijah aka Oh! Oozi Is an artist driven by creating unique art projects with a focus on twisting the common conventions of cartoons, childhood memories and pop culture in fun and ridiculously dark ways. He specializes in illustration and making things weird. His work can be found in books, album art, movies and even fantastical birthday cakes.

You can find his Prints, Original art and books in the SHOP.