Katana Kittens

Cats amaze us everyday in videos, memes and pictures. This rare pictorial goes in depth into the hidden world of the elusive Katana Kitten

The Life and Times of Katana Kittens. Photoshop using found images By Oh! Oozi.

There's something out there...

Patient Practice makes purrfect.

Breakfast Ambush!

Learning to become a Katana Cat.

Climbing skills.

Stealth skills.

Attack form!

A battle of honor.

Thoughtful reflection.

Uma's Secret weapon.

Nothing here to see.

Training with the master.

Jacob Elijah aka Oh! Oozi Is an artist driven by creating unique art projects with a focus on twisting the common conventions of cartoons, childhood memories and pop culture in fun and ridiculously dark ways. He specializes in illustration and making things weird. His work can be found in books, album art, movies and even fantastical birthday cakes.

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