Visual Boxing Power (featuring Lucas Matthysse)

Boxing is brutal sport. This photo pictorial goes into the rarely seen moments of a fight. Explosive deadly power. 

A dedication to the Pure Boxing power of Argentina's Lucas Matthysse a.k.a. The Machine!

Photoshop using found images by Oh! Oozi


If you own pause an HD version of Lucas matthysse's boxing fights this is what you see.

You have to watch the replays …and pause at the right moment. Then you see what really happened. This.

Concrete walls, industrial steel and reinforced structures are the only sparring partners for Matthysse, for obvious reasons.

Training for the right hook. Looks like it’s working.

Just another day preparing for his next opponent. 

Lucas Matthysse can never go 12 rounds in training camp. The city would never be able to recover.

In his spare time Lucas Matthysse freelances building demolition.

More freelance demolition work for Matthysse.

Lucas Matthysse Skyscraper KO.

On location at Lucas Matthysse’s training camp for the Lamont Peterson fight.

Lucas Matthysse vs Lamont Peterson Round 2

Lucas Matthysse vs Lamont Peterson Round 3 (there were no more rounds).

Lucas Matthysse training for his next big fight: Planet demolition.

Lucas Matthysse perfects his power punch. The galaxy will never be the same.

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